You have been fearfully and wonderfully made by God – one of a kind – PRICELESS!  I implore you to respect this magnificent gift that is your unique blessing from God.   Just as we protect our babies from unsafe and unhealthy environments, so should we treat our adult bodies – each and every day.   I am not a doctor.  I am a Professional Network Marketer and my research has led me to a relationship with the following businesses and products that meet my own standards of healthy living.  I LOVE sharing with you and I welcome the time to talk and help you develop your own success story.  I pray for Your Abundant Health.  DivaKate (Kate StClair)

ARBONNE INT’L – Independent Consultant


The Arbonne Promise: PURE SAFE BENEFICIAL.  Join me in taking control of your body and your total health with unparalleled Arbonne products that are free from harmful ingredients and use a combination of botanical principals and scientific discovery.  Made in the US, all products in our personal care and nutrition lines are formulated according the highest European health standard without animal products – vegan certified (including no animal testing).  We are dedicated to uncompromised safety and have always been a forward-looking green company. Our premium beauty, health and wellness products consistently deliver targeted results and sensorial experience from our proprietary blend of novel ingredients and sophisticated ingredient delivery system.

Visit our website to explore the health and beauty that awaits you  Join online using my ID#12787602 or contact me and I will introduce you to a new world of beauty with benefits!

DREAMDIVAS TRAVEL – World Ventures Independent Representative

DreamDivas Travel

Do you know that STRESS will KILL you – literally?  Stress is linked to almost every chronic disease or disorder including obesity; 70% of hospital beds are filled with patients whose disease, illness or injury is caused by stress.  Now the GREAT News: Do you know that a vacation is the number one stress reliever – literally?  Whether your travel is for personal, business or vacation, at DreamDivas Travel we eliminate all the stress of planning your travel and offer the highest quality and lowest available price – Money-back Guaranteed!  Our booking agent has been awarded the Magellan Gold Medal in travel three years in a row as the best travel service provider IN THE WORLD!  We are simply the coolest travel club in the world!  Visit our website to learn about and to join tens of thousands of members who know how to travel like a rock star – stress FREE!  To see actual SPECTACULAR vacation packages, visit  (sorry, to protect our vendors, prices are only available with a member present).  Use my ID#25054401 to join or contact me and I will introduce you a world of travel like you have never known existed!


LIFE VANTAGE – Independent Representative

Life Vantage

Do you know what the phrase “full of vim and vigor” means?  It means a life that  reflects a psychological mood state of physical energy, mental acuity and emotional well-being.   The opposite is “Burn-out!”   Burn out is caused by cellular degeneration and death  (aging) brought about by oxidative stress from free radicals released by stress.  Americans spend $80 Billion annually on drugs and over-the-counter remedies to put bandaids on stress-related symptoms – none of which rebalance your body’s biochemistry  and solve the root cause of the problem.   EVERY tissue in the body (EXCEPT Visceral Fat – abdominal  fat) breaks down under stess.

PROTANDIM is a revolutionary scientific breakthrough created by Dr. Joe McCord at Life Vantage.   It is a patented anti-aging neutraceutical supplement that synergizes your body’s own Nrf2 (the production of which stopped at age 30).  Nrf2 is your body’s  the master thermal activator that turns on ALL the other protective enzymes to fight free radicals.  It not only reduces oxidative stress by 40% in less that 30 days, it immediately begins to repair the cellular damage done by oxidative stress.  It acts at the level of your genes to increase your body’s own defense system against the stresses of aging.  To learn more about Protandim or to shop for Protandim or other Life Vantage products, visit and use my ID#523642.  Watch this Primetime Investigative Report with John Quinones  To see real results, watch these short videos:


UNIVERA – Independent Representative


Do you know that poor diet, lack of exercise, pollution, chemically processed foods, and toxic additives in your personal care products cause your cells to degenerate year after year?   Aging is inevitable, but degeneration is not.  What if the billions of cells your body made today were actually stronger and healthier than the ones they replace?  What if you could tip the metabolic seesaw to reduce cellular damage and increase cellular repair and deliver vitality from the inside out – every day.  Unfortunately, the foods we eat can no longer supply the nutritional values our bodies need.  Made from the miraculous healing power of aloe, UNIVERA products do just that.  Xtra begins to reduce the rate of DNA damage in as few as 14 days by delivering the antioxidant protection of up to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables.  Additionally, Xtra contains bioenergetics to optimize energy production and antioxidant protection that positively impacts overall brain function and sharpness.  It is also scientifically formulated with Protectin, and award-winning internationally patented compound shown to dramatically improve joint comfort and flexibility.  Visit our website to learn about or buy Univera products using my ID#1594388

Note: There are always exceptional deals available with each of these companies.  After you visit the websites, please contact me before you buy and let me show you how to take advantage of the very best options.