My StoryJeremiah 29:11

I have long lived by Jeremiah 29.11, confident that God’s plan is only for my good. As a result, I am joyful in ALL things. I only need to ask Him “What am I to do with whatever is in front of me that I may glorify you?” It took an unwelcomed cancer diagnosis to put this in perspective and change the course of my life. The answer became clear: to make a difference in the lives of those I meet; to share all that I know that is good; to be a genuine example in all that I say and do.

Audacious FaithI am here to share with you – how you can minimize the chances of ever getting that dreaded diagnosis: cancer, diabetes, obesity, broken hip, stroke, heart attack, surgery…

The POWER TO CHOOSE is in YOUR hands. You can CHOOSE a vibrant life or you can give up your power and CHOOSE to blame others and be a victim. It is up to you!

I do not claim to have all the answers. I share what I have learned through extensive research and personal experience. Your own experience will fill in the gaps for YOU and we can continue to learn and grow and share with each other and with our own circle of family and friends.